What part does farming play in the climate change solution?


 “Farming should be viewed as part of the solution and not just part of the problem of climate change,” says Alan Falshaw, Farm Business Consultant at Vickers & Barrass. With COP 26 behind us, what can farmers practically do to reduce their carbon footprint.

“At a farmgate level some are asking what we can do now to start contributing to the reductions in CO2 which are going to be needed in the future.  Well, let’s start looking at how on a practical basis you can start making a difference.  Here are three areas that you can focus on now.”

“The first area to consider is the Farming Rules for Water which are a really good starting point. We have clients who are embracing the new requirements of only applying the nutrients the crop requires rather than a blanket application across the whole farm just because “we have always done it that way”. Applying the correct amount of fertiliser for crop requirement is an instant win for both input costs and the environment and every farmer should be doing this exercise as a matter of course. “

“Secondly look to 2022 and beyond to the opportunities there will be in the impending inclusion of the whole country within a Catchment Sensitive Water area, there will be numerous opportunities for farmers to access funding to help reduce diffuse pollution and improve water quality across the farm.”

“Woodland creation is the third area to capitalise upon. There is an increase in the desire to plant woodland brought about by the English Woodland Creation Offer which not only offers capital grants for the establishment of the woodland, but depending on your location, additional payments for nature recovery, water quality, and public access can be stacked to provide a worthwhile payment for underutilised or unproductive land.”  

To read the full article which appeared in December 2021’s Northern Farmer magazine please click here

Posted by Vickers & Barrass on January 31st, 2022

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