Vickers & Barrass sponsor open day at local farm

On 13th August 2022 the British Charolais Cattle and Salers Cattle Society of the UK both registered charities hosted a visit to Allison Devereux Farms, Co. Durham. Vickers & Barrass were a proud sponsor of the event.

The aim was to showcase the “golden cross” and demonstrate how the two breeds can produce a profit within any farm management system.

This was an educational day which involved a tour of the farm as well as the following presentations:

Maternal Matters and Terminal Importance from Sarah Pick (AHDB) Nuffield Scholar 2019.

Rotational grazing on beef and sheep farms; how to make it work from Bess Jowsey.

Although born in Zimbabwe, Bess considers herself to be an international Kiwi. Moving from New Zealand to the northern hemisphere in 2008, she swapped from full time secondary school teacher/part time farmer to working alongside northern English and Scottish farmers as a grassland consultant. Her role as an LIC Pasture to Profit Consultant sees her facilitating several farmer discussion groups and working one to one with individual clients. Bess believes optimising the growth and utilisation of pasture is key to a long-term resilient farming model in the UK, when combined with quality stock, and financial and people management skills. She has a keen interest in regenerative approaches and how these can be successfully applied in commercial farming.

Outwintering systems on beef and sheep farms from Rhidian Jones.

Rhidian Jones is an independent livestock and grassland consultant with RJ Livestock Systems and 5 Agri. He set up RJ Livestock Systems in 2016 after 9 years as a beef and sheep specialist with SAC Consulting. Prior to that he managed an upland farm in the Cheviot Hills with 2,400 ewes and 60 beef cows.

The local young farmers and grassland groups attended and got involved as Society representatives introduced the two breeds and discuss DNA and myostatin.

There was a guess the weight of the stock bull competition where all proceeds will be donated to Durham City of Sanctuary and a raffle for Society prizes.

All participants received a free hot drink and Charolais X Salers burger at lunch time.


Posted by Vickers & Barrass on August 15th, 2022

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