Nitrate vulnerable zones updated guidance

Grassland derogations for livestock manure in nitrate vulnerable zones.

Eligibility for a grassland derogation:

You can apply for a grassland derogation to use a higher limit of up to 250kg of nitrogen per hectare, if the nitrogen comes from grazing livestock manure.

Grazing livestock are:

  • cattle (except for veal calves)
  • sheep
  • deer
  • goats
  • horses

You cannot get permission to use more nitrogen from non-grazing livestock (veal calves, pigs or poultry) and must keep within the 170kg per hectare limit.

You can only apply for a derogation if at least 80% of the agricultural area of your holding is grass.

Grassland derogations for 2023

You must apply between 6 June and 4 July 2023.

 For help and guidance on how to apply for a derogation please contact Alan Falshaw at Vickers and Barrass on 07425 186127 or

Posted by Vickers & Barrass on June 14th, 2023

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