Latest DEFRA rates news

DEFRA have announced the alignment of rates between upland and lowland areas for the following CS options. 

  • GS5: Permanent grassland with very low inputs (SDA) from £94/ha to £151/ha
  • SW10: Seasonal livestock removal on grassland (SDA) from £78/ha to £151/ha
  • WD11: Restoration of upland wood pasture and parkland from £316/ha to £371/ha
  • WD12: Creation of upland wood pasture from £333/ha to £544/ha

Further adjustments will be made to the following options later in the year to make them more workable in the uplands.

  • GS9 – Management of wet grassland for breeding waders
  • GS12 – Creation of wet grassland for wintering waders and wildfowl
  • GS13 – Management of grassland for target features
  • GS14 – Creation of grassland for target features
  • GS15 – Haymaking supplement
  • GS16 – Rush infestation control supplement
  • SP8 – Native breeds at risk supplement

 Also in 2023 you can:

  • Extend your Higher-Level Stewardship agreements for 5 years and apply for a newCountryside Stewardship or Sustainable Farming Incentive agreement, or run it alongside any that you already have – allowing you to get paid for more actions and take advantage of recent price increases.

  • Apply for the second round of Landscape Recovery, which is open to individuals or groups of land managers looking to deliver projects that support net zero, protected sites and habitat creation across areas of 500ha or more.

If you do require any assistance with any of the above, Vickers & Barrass are able to provide advice on this and any other matter related to your business.

Please contact Alan Falshaw 07425 186127 or Amanda Wilson 07774 999145   


Posted by Vickers & Barrass on May 30th, 2023

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