How could the new Farming Rules for Water impact your farm business?

Farming Rules for Water (FRfW) Rule 8.

The environment and water in particular are in the news at present with the media discussing the COP26 agenda and implications. Let’s consider what you need to do regarding the position of livestock feeders and your obligations under Farming Rules for Water (FRfW) Rule 8.

You must not place livestock feeders:

  • Within 10m from inland freshwaters or coastal waters
  • Within 50m of a spring, well or borehole
  • Where risk factors mean there’s a significant risk of pollution

You must assess the pollution risks:

  • The angle of slopes, in particular if the angle is greater than 12 degrees
  • The amount of ground cover
  • Distance to inland freshwaters, coastal waters, wetlands, springs, wells or boreholes
  • Soil type and condition
  • Presence and condition of land drains

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To read more from the government’s website please click  here

Posted by Vickers & Barrass on November 3rd, 2021

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