Autumn sowing is progressing well, so now is a good time to reflect on the Regulatory Position Statement (RPS 252) issued by the Environment Agency in August regarding applying organic manure onto land in the autumn.

This RPS applies to spreading of organic manure up until 1 March 2022 and where spreading for the greater than crop and soil need cannot be avoided.  Rule 1 of FRfW requires that all applications of organic manure and manufactured fertiliser must be planned so that the application does not exceed the needs of the soil and crop or give rise to a significant risk of agricultural diffuse pollution.  

The RPS allows planned applications of organic manure to agricultural land that exceeds the crop and soil need provided it does not cause pollution and meets certain conditions below;

  • Contact the Environment Agency (EA) with your details and details of the materials to be spread.
  • Have a contingency plan to show that shows that use of the RPS is the only option and you must show that options 1-4 below are not feasible, before you use option 5.
  1. Store the organic manure at the place of production
  2. Store the organic manure at the place of use.
  3. Dispose of the organic manure at an off-site anaerobic digestion plant or other effluent treatment plant, including at a sewage treatment works.
  4. Store the organic manure off-site.
  5. Spread the organic manure on low leaching and run off land.

THE FARMING RULES for WATER will become more important in the future as compliance with new environmental standards start to become the norm.  The EA will use evidence of applications to the RPS to assess if there is demand in coming years for a similar RPS.

If you need any further advice on this matter please do not hesitate to contact Alan Falshaw, Farm Business Consultant on 07424 186127


Posted by Vickers & Barrass on October 12th, 2021

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