England Woodland Creation Offer (EWCO 2021)

England Woodland Creation Offer (EWCO 2021)

The grant is administered by the Forestry Commission and is funded through the Nature for Climate Fund. EWCO is one of a suite of Forestry Commission initiatives to support woodland creation and tree planting across England. EWCO is open to owner occupiers, tenants, landlords and licensors who have full management control of the land in the application (or consent from those who do).


  • Minimum of 1 hectare, with individual blocks of at least 0.1 ha.
  • Minimum width of 20 metres (exception of riparian buffers and shelter belts have a minimum width of 10 metres.


  • Capital items claimed through a standard cost grant.
  • 27 individual capital items i.e trees, fencing, stone wall repair, gates, bracken control, leaky dams, etc.
  • Payment cap of £8,500/ha over gross area of scheme.
  • Obligation period of 15 years (inspection period).
  • Annual maintenance payments £200/ha for 10 years.
  • £15.8 available to create woodland in 2021/22.

Additional Contributions:

  • Nature Recovery – £2,800-£1,100/ha.
  • Water Quality – £400/ha.
  • Flood Risk – £500/ha.
  • Riparian Buffers – £1,600/ha.
  • Close to Settlements – £500/ha.
  • Access- £2,200/ha.

Land which has more than 6 months remaining of an existing Agri- environment is not eligible.

You can apply to EWCO on land currently in an ES or CS agreement if you are prepared to repay all or part of the payments made under that agreement. 

  • RPA to determine repayments amounts.
  • Forestry Commission Woodland Officer will assess applications.
  • Woodland creation plan must meet UK Forestry Standard (UKFS).
  • Applications scored and competitive.
  • More likely to succeed if “Additional Contributions” are included.

For more information and a no obligation discussion please contact Alan Falshaw, Farm Business Consultant at Vickers & Barrass on 07425 186127.

Posted by Vickers & Barrass on August 10th, 2021

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