5 Reasons why you should read Defra’s UK Evidence pack

Did you know The North East had the largest average farm size in the UK at 144ha?*

DEFRA has updated it’s UK Evidence Pack containing infographics on 12 main areas of agriculture – from the structure of the industry through to the environment and provides a considerable amount of food for thought on the current state of agricultural production and its effect on the environment.  

“The evidence and narrative presented is based on the latest available data at the time that Agriculture in the UK was published. Most of the data is for the 2020 calendar year but in some cases data are for earlier years where more recent data is unavailable.”*

Why is it worth a read in our opinion?

  • It’s current: This Agriculture in the UK evidence pack brings together existing statistics on agriculture to summarise the current state of the agricultural industry.
  • It has easy to interpret graphics: On how is the UK agriculture industry structured and how is agricultural land used.
  • You can compare your farm size with average farm sizes in the NE:  Average farm size in England and each Region 2019 is shown in hectares.
  • You can benchmark your net profit income versus UK statistics: It talks in plain English about variable costs, total income and total fixed cost
  • Start reviewing your farm business now: Build resilience for the future.

If you need any further advice and wish to have a no obligation discussion on what this data means please do not hesitate to contact Alan Falshaw, Farm Business Consultant on 07424 186127 or email afalshaw@vickersandbarrass.co.uk

You can access the full pack via the link below.


*UK Evidence Pack, Oct 2021 data 

Posted by Vickers & Barrass on October 27th, 2021

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