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BPS Change Announcement


The recent announcement last week from the Rural Payments Agency means that 50% of payments for 2022 BPS is going to be paid from July onwards. 

This move is to help farmers meet the challenge of rising production costs.

Key information you need to know:

  • This first payment is to be half of the Basic Payment, as it will be half of the assessed value of the claim as it stands in processing in July.
  • Reductions should have been applied by this point but their effect on the final payment might change later in the year as the claim comes to be fully validated.
  • Payments may run from July and through August. Claimants should allow some time before raising concerns that they have not had their first payment.
  • The balance of the payment will then be paid from December to June in the usual payment window.
  • This payment method will then apply in England for the remaining life of the Basic Payment Scheme. 

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