Countryside Stewardship Mid-Tier

Mid-Tier is the best possible option if you have a substantial amount of capital works to undertake, the three categories are as follows:

  • Boundaries Trees and Orchards £50,000 maximum
  • Water Quality £60,000 maximum
  • Air Quality £60,000 maximum

However, these do need to be combined with land management options as capital only Mid-Tier application are no longer allowed.

All Air Quality options and some Water Quality options require Catchment Sensitive Farming Officer support and the deadline 18th June 2021 is fast approaching. All applications are scored and the scheme is competitive.

There are 3 Wild Pollinator and Farm Wildlife Packages available which are designed to increase an applicants score and give you a better chance of receiving an agreement.

  • Arable
  • Mixed
  • Pastoral

Minimum requirements are:

  • Choose at least one option from the mandatory resource categories.
  • Meet the minimum requirements for each of the chosen options
  • Make sure that area covered by package options is at least 3% of the total area of farmed land included in the application.
  • You can still apply for Mid-Tier options which do not meet the package requirements, however, the application will not receive an enhanced score and could be rejected if it does not meet minimum thresholds.

To understand more about how the Mid-Tier would work on your farm please contact Alan Falshaw Farm Business Consultant on 01325 728084 or 07425 186127.

Posted by Vickers & Barrass on June 14th, 2021

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