Discussing regenerative agriculture – an evening with ‘Regen Ben’

Discussing Regenerative Agriculture – An evening with ‘Regen Ben’.

EVENT: 1st December 7pm to 9pm, Darlington Auction Mart, DL2 2YH

This partnership event between AHDB, Catchment Sensitive Farming and Tees Rivers Trust will introduce Ben Taylor Davies “Regen Ben”. Ben will try to demystify regenerative agriculture and how regenerative principles and practices can help our farming systems evolve to tackle the numerous challenges ahead.

Amanda Wilson and Alan Falshaw of Vickers and Barrass will be attending this event and invite clients old and new to join us to discuss developments in this area.

Discussion topics are:

• What is Regen agriculture all about?

• Regenerative in both grassland and arable systems.

• Experience of regenerative practices enhancing our soils, water and biodiversity.

• How can Regen principles help us reduce our reliance on artificial fertilisers and pesticides.

• Timescales, the pleasures and pains of transitioning to a more regenerative system.

• There will also be an opportunity to hear from the event partners and the support they have available.

Booking essential via Eventbrite please click here to book 

Email: hugillandeaton@outlook.com or by texting Fraser on 07502 425266.

The bar will be open from 6.30pm for drinks and registration. Free beef roll at the end of the evening. NRoSO and BASIS points applied for.


Posted by Vickers & Barrass on November 16th, 2022

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