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Countryside Stewardship: Wildlife Offers at a glance

Countryside Stewardship: Wildlife Offers and the Mixed Farming Offer 

Here is a round-up of the Wildlife offers now available. These are Offers to help farmers and land managers protect wildlife and preserve the natural environment.

You can choose from the following:

  • Arable Offer
  • Lowland Offer
  • Mixed Farming Offer
  • Upland Offer

The Offers group selected management options together to benefit birds, pollinators and other farm wildlife to thrive and breed successfully.

The Benefits for Wildlife will be:

  • Sources of nectar and pollen for insect pollinators
  • Winter food for seed-eating birds
  • Improved habitats, especially for farmland birds and pollinators.

These Offers are non-competitive and as long as the base requirements are achieved in the application process you will be awarded an agreement

Let’s take a look more closely at the Mixed Farming Offer:

  • 26 options available
  • Divided into 3 categories
  • A minimum of 2 options, 1 from category 1 and 1 from category 2, with additional options from category 3

Category 1, options-select at least 1, minimum of 1% of the farmed land within the agreement-no maximum

Category 2, AB9 option must be selected, 2% of farmed land within the agreement-no maximum

Category 3, 22 additional options, no minimum or maximum

Payment rates from £30/ha to £640/ha

Management of hedgerows £8 per 100 metres

Maintenance of weatherproof traditional farm buildings £3.25 per m2

To understand how the Mixed Farming Offer would work on your farm please contact Alan Falshaw Farm Business Consultant at Vickers & Barrass on 07425 186127


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