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Holly Stafford shares her land and property market insights with the Farmers Guardian magazine

Holly Stafford, Chartered Surveyor at Vickers and Barrass, takes a look at the rural land and property market as many ponder how Brexit, agricultural legislation and the ongoing pandemic will impact housing and land prices in the North East. 

"The omnipresent uncertainty of Brexit trade negotiations continues and a full lockdown due to virus variations has kicked off 2021. We had all hoped the new year would signal a fresh start, with more certainty for us all.”

“Some believe that the outcome of these combined effects will adversely affect farmland prices and the housing market, yet there is little evidence to support this thinking at this stage” says Holly. “There are positive approaches that can be taken now to ensure informed decisions are made despite the uncertainty”.

“Those wishing to make the right property and land decisions this year should consider a wider view”. “Farmland prices in the North East have remained strong,” says Holly. “The recent UK Cross Section Outlook report published January 2021 by Savills affirms ‘what will change post-Brexit is not land value, but the perception that returns from farmland are more valuable than returns from other asset classes.” I would encourage farmers to consider what steps they can take now that will make their land more attractive in the future and how it can benefit from and play to the emerging new rural legislation” Holly continues. 

Read full article which appeared in The Farmers Guardian online here 

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